Breast Pump FAQs

Find out more about breast pumps from Lehan’s.

Will My Health Insurance Cover A Breast Pump?
As of the first of 2013, many insurance plans began covering the purchase of breast pumps for expectant or lactating mothers under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). What’s more, the law allows new purchases “in conjunction with each new pregnancy,” meaning all your children receive the same healthy benefits. But since ACA laws for breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories are still new, many providers may still be trying to understand these laws themselves. Coverage can vary by insurance company and policy type. The only way to verify your specific plan coverage is to complete the Qualify Through Insurance form. Then Lehan’s will contact your insurance provider for you and inform you of your coverage. That way you can focus on the most important thing in your life: your family.

Can I Get A Breast Pump Before The Baby Is Born?
Depending on your insurance company, you may be eligible to receive a breast pump before your baby is born under your preventative care clause and up to a year after delivery. Typically, Lehan’s is able to dispense your breast pump between 30-60 days before your due date. Once you complete the Breast Pump Insurance form, we will contact insurance for you to find out the exact details of your coverage.

What Is The Cost For Upgrade Pumps?
Lehan’s currently offers breast pump upgrade options for Elvie, Spectra, Medela, Lansinoh, Medela and Zomee breast pumps. Breast pump coverage all depends on your particular insurance and plan; there is no one-cost-fits-all regarding insurance-grade breast pumps or upgrade pumps. If you are interested in an upgrade option pump, you will need to complete the Breast Pump Insurance form before we are able to determine any costs. Don’t worry, Lehan’s takes care of all the phone calls with your insurance and will notify you of your specific coverage details. Lehan’s does accept HSA and FSA spending accounts as payment for upgrade pump charges.

Why Wouldn’t My Insurance Cover A Breast Pump?
Coverage and reimbursement depends on health insurance type, plan and network. Not only does private/commercial insurance versus Medicaid play a role, but your deductible and reimbursement timing do too. Whether or not you are in-network is evaluated once your information is submitted to Lehan’s. If for any reason you do not qualify for a breast pump through insurance, Lehan’s has pumps available for purchase.

What about all the paperwork? Can Lehan’s help?
Of course—that’s why we’re here! We let you know exactly what is needed from both your insurance and your doctor, and do as much of the filing and phone calls as possible. You can submit signed prescriptions via email; include it as an attachment and send to