Nutritional Products

Enteral and Oral Nutrition

Although we no longer bill insurance for enteral nutrition, for patients receiving home tube feeding via a nasogastric, nasointestinal, gastrostomy, or jejunostomy tube, our trained staff can help refer you to a specialty supplier to meet your nutritional needs. We may be able to offer cash-pricing for short-term or immediate needs depending on your supplies; please call us with any questions.

While oral nutrition is not covered by Medicare, it may be covered by Medicaid and some private insurances with prior authorization. If you would like to pursue insurance coverage, we can help refer you to a specialty supplier. If you are interested in cash-pricing, please contact us for your specific product needs.

Nutritional Supplements

Supplements provide needed nutrition in a tasteless powder form that mix easily with most drinks and food. Examples include Benecalorie (added calories), Benefiber (added fiber), Beneprotein (added protein), ThickenUp (instant food thickener), Arginaid (added arginine), and Glutasolve (added glutamine).

For any type of nutritional product, discuss your options with your doctor or a dietitian to ensure you’re taking recommended products that meet your specific dietary needs. We do carry some of these products over-the-counter, and may be able to special order based on request.