Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQs


We do not yet have them but we are excited to see that the new COVID19 vaccines are starting to be distributed throughout the U.S. We do not currently have a timeline for when we will receive them but when we have more information, we will be happy to update everyone. Thank you for supporting us and stay safe!

General COVID-19 FAQs

We here at Lehan Drugs, wanted to provide an update on the steps we plan to implement to help mitigate the risk that the Coronavirus COVID-19 poses to our valued patients, customers & employees.   

As many of you are aware this virus is a serious and still fluid situation.  As healthcare providers, we will continue to provide services but want to plan and take action to do so in the safest way possible.  We want to outline these precautions for you, our patients and ask for your patience as these changes in procedure and protocol may take extra time, and in some cases a change to how you receive your medicine or equipment. 

• “I’ve noticed when I called to inquire about my medicine/equipment that you’re asking me specific questions about my own recent health/health of the patient you’re servicing. Can you tell me why?” We have enacted a uniform phone screening that all our customer service representatives and delivery drivers will use as they determine the next steps to best assist you in getting your medicines and equipment. We are doing so to help keep both you, the patient, and our employees healthy and safe.

• “I noticed you asked if you can ship my equipment/medicine to me, instead of hand delivering it to me, you don’t usually ask this.” Yes, in many cases where it is warranted, we are shipping our products and medicines via the USPS or other carrier to limit person-to-person contact. In the guidelines issued by the CDC, social distancing practices and protocols are being put into place around the country and this is just one of the ways that we can implement this practice as well.

• “I’m currently going to be discharged from the hospital and will really need the (hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen, Trilogy) they’d prescribed for me. Will you still be able to do this for me?” Yes, for these critical set ups that will need to be delivered and administered by one of our delivery team or one of our respiratory therapists, it will be (mostly) business as usual. You may notice that our delivery and respiratory therapist technicians might be donning masks at the time of delivery or appointment for safety precaution.

• “What steps is Lehan’s taking to ensure the safety and sanitation of their stores and pharmacies?” We have enacted an hourly cleaning procedure that includes disinfection of surfaces, particularly in “hot spots” throughout the premises (counters at checkout/doorhandles/bathrooms/pens, etc.) We will also be asking everyone to be washing their hands hourly, if not more, during their shifts.

• “I noticed at the checkout that you have a line backed away from the counter and that you also signed my order for me – can you tell me why that is?” We are hoping that minimizing person-to-person contact, and creating space between people, when appropriate, will help to lessen the spread of the virus, ultimately keeping our patients and employees and their families healthy and safe.