Patrick Lehan

Home Medical Equipment

Born and raised in DeKalb, Patrick’s journey has taken him around the world through a variety of careers, including flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, a waiter and food manager for a cruise ship in Hawaii, an estate manager for a well known golf professional, and a manager for TA travel plazas throughout the Midwest. In 2005, Pat returned to DeKalb to manage Lehan Drugs’ new Home Medical Equipment department, bringing with him a wide range of knowledge and experience. Since that time, he has grown the business from the ground up into one of the largest home medical providers in the area, emphasizing a focus on customer service and patient satisfaction. With Pat’s leadership, Lehan’s home medical department first received accreditation from ACHC in 2006, years before the industry average, and again in 2009. Patrick leads by example and demonstrates unending compassion and empathy for every customer that walks through Lehan’s doors.