Terri (Lehan) Hettel

Women's Health Department/Home Medical Equipment

Terri has been working for the family business for most of her life. Born and raised in DeKalb, she holds a degree in interior design from the University of Illinois. Her desire to improve the health care resources in our community led her to transition her skill set from the “cosmetic counter” in the traditional pharmacy setting to providing unique women’s health and compression treatment options for patients. Terri has been the driving force in developing Lehan’s women’s health department & boutique concept, and has been instrumental in building relationships with local providers, using a team-based approach to meet the health care needs of Lehan’s patients. She has broadened her skill set, completing training in mastectomy prosthesis fitting, compression garment fitting, lymphedema, and more. Terri and her husband Don enjoy nothing more than spending time with their children and grandchildren, especially up in Michigan. Their dog, Buddy (a Dorkie: Dachsund/Yorkie mix) also keeps her very…busy.