Hospital Beds

A hospital bed can offer significant benefits to both the patient and the caregiver. At Lehan’s, we carry fixed height, semi-electric, full electric, and extended length hospital beds ready to deliver within 5 business days of a request if you are not going through insurance. Qualifying for insurance coverage may take additional time based on your insurance coverage criteria and availability of required documentation. Hospital beds allow for both the head and the feet to be elevated, include protective side rails, easily move on wheels and lock into place for safety, and can raise and lower to accommodate patient transfers.

Hospital beds are available to rent out of pocket for $175/mo (semi-electric bed) or $225/mo (heavy-duty bed).

If you are interested in renting a hospital bed through your insurance, Lehan’s must have a detailed prescription and a copy of your face-to-face evaluation on file prior to dispensing the bed.

Medicare and most private insurances require a practitioner-signed face to face evaluation completed within 6 months prior to or on the date of the detailed written order for a hospital bed. The following questions/details must be addressed in the patient face to face visit notes:

  1. Have a medical condition that requires positioning of the body in ways not feasible with an ordinary bed? If yes, please explain.
  2. Require a hospital bed to alleviate pain? If so, how/why?
  3. Require the head of the bed to be elevated more than 30 degrees most of the time due to CHF, COPD, or problems with aspiration?
  4. Require a variable bed height to permit transfers to a chair, wheelchair or standing position?
  5. Require frequent changes in body position or an immediate need for a change in body position? Why?
  6. Require a heavy duty hospital bed if patient’s weight is > 350lb? If so, weight must be documented in patient’s medical record.


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