Manual Wheelchairs

For those times when mobility is limited and a manual wheelchair is necessary to perform activities of daily living, Lehan’s is here to accommodate all of our patients. Available in stock or to order, we can provide pediatric, standard, lightweight, and heavy duty manual wheelchairs. Our staff is fully trained to fit you with the appropriate size and style of wheelchair to best meet your medical needs. We also supply seat and back cushions for basic comfort as well as wound prevention and care.

Wheelchairs are available for rental and purchase, both short term and long term. For short-term needs, wheelchair rentals are available for $50/mo. Contact us ahead of time to ensure we have the correct size and style in-stock. We are able to bill some insurances with a detailed prescription and a copy of a wheelchair face-to-face examination completed within the past 6 months, either in-office or during an inpatient medical stay. All documentation must be on file at Lehan’s prior to dispensing the equipment being billed to your insurance.

The following questions/details must be addressed in the patient face to face visit notes to ensure that patient needs the wheelchair within the home to participate in Mobility Related Activities of Daily Life (MRADLS) and that the patient is willing and able to use the wheelchair in the home.   

  1. What limitations does the patient have that impair his/her ability to participate in MRADLs within the home?   
  2. Can the limitation be resolved with use of a cane or walker? If not, why?
  3. Does the patient have adequate space to maneuver the wheelchair within the home? 
  4. Will the use of a wheelchair significantly improve the patient’s ability to participate in MRADLS?
  5. How frequently will the chair be used within the home? 
  6. Is the patient willing to use the wheelchair? 
  7. Please describe the patient’s upper extremity function as it would pertain to his/her ability to use a wheelchair. 
  8. Does the patient have a caregiver who is willing and able to assist the patient with the use of a wheelchair?
  9. Does the patient require a lower seated wheelchair due to short stature or the need to foot propel? 
  10. Does patient require a heavy-duty wheelchair due to weight > 250lb? (Weight must be documented in chart) 


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