Incontinence Products

Whether temporary or permanent, incontinence affects millions of people every day. We carry and can order a full line of products to meet your bladder or bowel incontinence needs so that you can continue your lifestyle confidently and securely. Products range from very light to maximum control pads, underwear and briefs, as well as skincare products to act as a barrier to moisture and prevent skin breakdown. To best meet your individual needs, stop in and speak with a staff member about available incontinence products including:

  • Liners and pads for day and night
  • Knit and mesh pants
  • Protective underwear
  • Adult briefs
  • Overnight briefs
  • Disposable and washable bed underpads
  • Dry cleansing wipes
  • Premoistened washcloths
  • No-rinse body and hair cleansers
  • Skin protectants including moisture barrier lotions, creams and pastes

If you have Medicaid or a Managed Care Plan through the state, some of these products may be covered with a prescription from your doctor! Give our home medical equipment department a call or stop by to have all of your questions answered to the best of our ability.


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